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Celebrate ON

Show Your Pride

The Wisconsin Alumni Association gives you many opportunities to let your pride shine. As the keeper of traditions, the catalyst for helping you stay connected, and a creator of unique Badger experiences, WAA offers countless ways for you to share and celebrate your pride and affinity for the UW.

Stay Connected

You’re part of an amazing global alumni network more than 450,000 strong. Whether you’re looking for a Badger community that’s close to home or just close to your heart, this is the place to begin.

Become a Member

Wisconsin Alumni Association membership is where Badgers belong. It’s a special community filled with Badger pride, traditions, and excellence. And, through shared interests, spirited experiences, and exclusive benefits, members enjoy being able to strengthen their UW connections.

Bring Out Your Inner Badger

No matter where you live, work, or play your friends and neighbors will know you’ve got tons of Badger spirit when you slip on The Red Shirt™. Plus, you’ll be a part of UW–Madison’s tradition of giving back, because proceeds go toward need-based scholarships.


Do you have the music in you — and want to shout it out? Maybe you want to learn the history or lyrics to your favorite school song. Here’s your chance to experience the music of the UW band.