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What Is Your Favorite UW Tradition?

Photo by Jeff Miller/UW–Madison

We asked Badgers to share what their favorite UW–Madison tradition is. Here are some of the things they mentioned.

The 5th Quarter!

Larry K.

The Band singing Varsity all together, at the end of the football game at Humanities!! Beautiful Harmony.

Michelle G.

Snowball fight between southeast and lakeshore dorms on Bascom Hill after this first major snow fall each year! Some good times!

Chloé B.

Varsity! Brings tears to my eyes every time!

Chris P.

Getting an excellent education!

Nita H.

Jump Around!

Julie M.

Walking Bascom Hill is great ... really kept me in shape as a student.

Kathleen L.

Marching Band and spring concert!

Debbie H.

The band playing the original carillon tower chimes leading into Varsity at the last home football game of the season

Kara M.

Badger Bash with the UW Marching Band!

Lindsey H.

Ice cream at Babcock Hall

Bruce W.

Bascom hill during winter. Dockside sliding down the hill between classes.

Lamonte C.

Yelling “sieve! sieve! sieve!” at the other team’s goalie when the Badgers score a goal.

Jimmy M.

Varsity, ice skating on Lake Mendota, sledding on cafeteria trays, Babcock ice cream … So many more!

Brenda N.

The band playing near the dorms on Saturday morning game days. It was simultaneously a nightmare and also the best. Best way to wake up after a night on the town.

Shelly F.

Beer and music on the Terrace!

Jim K.


Kimberly T.

Cane parade at Homecoming!

Dave W.

Sitting on Abe Lincoln the day of graduation.

Jon R.

Studying in the stacks

Dennis H.

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