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James M. ’55

Your question brings back pungent memories! The Hasty Tasty was a popular bar, especially with engineering and nursing students, as it was located at 1439 University Avenue, near the western part of campus. In 1960, the city announced a plan to expand and reroute University Avenue, and the Hasty Tasty held out until 1965. Apparently, it moved a block eastward, to 1313 University Avenue, and a few years later, it changed its name to the Amber Grid. The Amber Grid lasted until 1987, when the UW bought up real estate for expansion. Today, the 1300 block of University (pictured above) is home to the Discovery Building, opened in 2010. The older site of the Hasty Tasty is a traffic island. But fear not: there are still several places in Madison where you can find a beer and a burger.

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