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Ping! Beginning in fall 1993, email accounts became an optional perk for UW students. By January 1994, faculty and staff were also able to sign up for an email address. The modern student may find it difficult to imagine not being able to contact a professor, adviser, or classmate instantly. No longer must students trek uphill both ways through a snowstorm only to find out class is canceled. Today, a quick email from a professor can notify students before they even leave the warmth of their bunks. More importantly, email facilitates easy communication, collaboration, and even online courses. Presumably, you’re reading an email right now and already know its value. You likely also know how fast technology moves, especially at a university that puts a premium on innovation. In another 30 years, future Badgers could be scoffing at our food delivery robots and our internet letters thinking, “How did they do it back then?”

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