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Susan S. ’67, MS’84

We’re afraid that the honest answer to your question is: you can’t get to Bascom from Elm Drive A, because Elm Drive A doesn’t exist anymore. It’s now called Bradley Hall; it was renamed for Harold Bradley (a biochemistry professor who died in 1976). The distance between Bradley Hall and Bascom Hall is about 3,750 feet, as the crow flies, or 0.71 miles. If you’re not a crow and have to walk, it’s about 0.8 miles, using footpaths and cutting through parking lots. If you follow Observatory Drive, it’s about 0.9 miles. That’s also the driving distance, as long as you’re not trying to drive it during move-in, when parental cars are likely to have Observatory Drive completely blocked as they deliver their students (and those students’ belongings) to Liz Waters Hall, which is on Observatory, between Elm Drive and the top of Bascom Hill.

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