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According to the Camp Randall renovation website, the project is now done — just in the nick of time, too! The first home game of the 2022 season is tomorrow, September 3, against Illinois State, and it would have been a little awkward to host a housewarming party with tens of thousands of guests before the renovation was finished. Thankfully, the crews working on the stadium were top tier. With less than a year to complete construction, they were able to make rapid progress. Tomorrow, fans will arrive to find a shiny, new south end zone, complete with premium seating, loge boxes, and hospitality clubs. The project also includes a patio that connects Camp Randall Stadium to the Wisconsin Field House, allowing both volleyball and football fans to have a ball when they come for a game in either facility. Built in 1917, Camp Randall is the fifth-oldest stadium in college football, and at 105-years-old, it was time for a face-lift. (Check out this timeline of Camp Randall’s past renovation and addition projects, if you’re curious about how the stadium has changed over the past century.) With this newest project, Camp Randall can maintain its hallowed, historic charm while offering fans a modern, high-end experience.

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