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About Us

The WAA: Latinx Affinity Group strives to be an advocate for the Latinx alumni community and activate spaces for us to be together. We stand by the Wisconsin Idea: what we do here at the university should enhance the lives of every person in the state of Wisconsin, as well as around the nation and world. We are thrilled to welcome you to our group! Bienvenidxs!  

Meet the Board

MollyJo Bautch, she/hers

Alumna: Bachelors ‘16, Masters ‘18
Current position: FASTrack and BANNER Financial Aid Advisor
Why I’m in LAG: “I feel it’s sometimes hard to feel connected to UW and consider ourselves Badgers so I wanted to establish a community for our alumni to feel empowered and so that we can use our position as alumni to invoke change at the UW to support current scholars of color.”

Marianna Rivera, she/ hers
Vice- President

Alumna: Bachelors ‘15
Current position: Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist
Why I’m in LAG: “We have such a diverse group of Latinx alumni who, I feel, want to remain connected to the UW and to each other in their professional endeavors so I wanted to help facilitate that.”

Rachelle Eilers, she/hers

Alumna: Bachelors ‘09, Masters ‘11
Current position: Senior Advisor at UW in the Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program
Why I’m in LAG: “We have so many great Latinx alumni that graduate from the CLS program. I was hoping to use LAG as a way to connect with them. I hope to enhance the alumni experience for others.”

SantaLucia Hernandez, she/ hers

Alumna: Bachelors ‘13
Current position: Head Coach at Silicon Valley Urban Debate League
Why I’m in LAG: “I wanted to meet with other alumni and build a space to make us proud to be Badgers and continue to help current students!”

Joselyn Diaz- Valdes, she/ hers

Alumna: Bachelors ‘04, Masters ‘20   
Current position: FASTrack & BANNER Manager for the UW-Madison Office of Student Financial Aid
Why I’m in LAG: “I wanted to be in a space with other Latinx alumni who are doing phenominal things across the state and nation”.

Andrea Zorbas, she/ hers

Alumna: Bachelors ‘04   
Current position: Research Manager in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UW-Madison
Why I’m in LAG: “I wanted to join LAG to connect with other like- minded Latinx alumni, to network, and to have social opportunities in this crazy pandemic."