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Federal Issues

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Federal sources account for 25 percent of University of Wisconsin–Madison's annual budget.

Federal aid is vital to the strength of UW–Madison's teaching, research, and outreach. It is also the most important component of student financial aid at UW–Madison as well as higher education institutions across the nation.

Research funding

Federal funding is the lifeblood of UW–Madison's research efforts. UW–Madison currently ranks eighth in the nation in total research expenditures among higher education institutions. In fiscal year 2020, UW–Madison received a total of $1.364 billion in research funding. Of that total, $632 million came from the federal government. These funds help solve some of society's biggest challenges and are an economic engine for Wisconsin. 

Student financial aid

UW–Madison awarded $321 million in financial aid to undergraduate students in 2020-2021. Of that total 43 percent was funded by UW–Madison, 37 percent was from the federal government, 5 percent was from the state, and 15 percent was from other sources. Federal student financial aid for both undergraduate and graduate students totaled more than $211 million.

Pell Grants are the primary way the federal government helps low-income students afford college. However, the current Pell Grant award covers less than one-third of the average cost of attendance at a public four-year university. UW–Madison, along with higher education institutions throughout the United States, is strongly advocating for Congress to double the maximum Pell Grant award to $13,000. We encourage you to join us today. Support research and student financial aid at UW–Madison. Contact our president and members of Congress and ask for their ongoing support of UW–Madison and higher education.    

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