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Ooh, we know this one! The UW Hillel Foundation, which supports and engages the 4,000-plus Jewish students on campus, was founded in 1924. It was the second campus Hillel to be established, following in the footsteps of the University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, which opened just one year prior. A Jewish UW student, Norman De Nosaquo, learned about U of I’s organization and wrote a letter to the editor suggesting that a similar organization be founded on his campus. De Nosaquo wrote, “Jewish boys and girls … must be given the opportunity to cultivate those aspects of their life which are now neglected, which the school by its very nature cannot, and for which the social environment does not give adequate facilities.” We hope De Nosaquo would be proud of how UW Hillel has grown — particularly when it comes to its modern facilities, which have far surpassed adequate! The Barbara Hochberg Center for Jewish Student Life (which you’ll find on Langdon Street between Lake and Frances) was dedicated in October 2009 and serves as the physical home of UW Hillel. The building features a fitness center, basketball court, event and multipurpose spaces, and even a kosher restaurant, Adamah Neighborhood Table. Inspired by De Nosaquo’s letter and chutzpah, UW Hillel has engaged students, cultivated a Jewish community, developed leaders, complemented the classroom, and embodied Jewish values for the past 99 years. A sweet new year to the Badgers attending Rosh Hashanah services at UW Hillel starting tonight!

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