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Bucky List: Beats by Badgers

Keep on rocking with this quick collection of new and old Badger beats.

Esther Seidlitz
September 21, 2022

UW alumni and professors raise the bar in a variety of music genres. You might recognize some of these names and may even know a few of their songs by heart. Other artists and their work will be less familiar. This list has something for generations of Badgers — it’s a taste of the music that they just don’t make anymore, with a hint of what the kids may be listening to these days (we think). Expand your musical horizons and revisit old favorites with a playlist of records dropped by these five Badgers.

  1. “Raunchy Rita” (1968) — Richard Davis, professor emeritus, Mead Witter School of Music (Jazz)
  2. “Bagmati Flood Medley” (2006) — Tara Linhardt ’94 (Folk)
  3. “Take the Money and Run” (1976) — Steve Miller Band, Steve Miller x’67 (Rock)
  4. “Perfect” (2022) — Zhalarina Sanders ’15, MS’18 (Hip-hop/rap)
  5. “Varvindar friska, leka och hviska (Spring Winds Arise)” (2013) — Mimmi Fulmer, professor, Mead Witter School of Music (Opera)

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