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UW–Madison can boast 132 Olympians going back to the 1904 Saint Louis Olympics. Two-thirds of these Badgers competed in the Summer Olympics, and the last third are nearly all hockey players (real shocker, right?). Erika Brown ’96, a three-time Olympic curler, is one of the only non–hockey-playing Winter Olympians to graduate from the UW. Another is Dan Immerfall ’81, a three-time Olympic speed-skater with a bronze medal for his trouble. In the 2022 Beijing Games, there will be 10 women competing in hockey. Half will represent the United States and half will represent Canada. The 18-year-old Caroline Harvey will be an Olympic veteran before she even has a chance to skate with her Badger teammates — she deferred enrollment at the UW as a freshman to join Team USA’s roster. Other hockey greats you may recognize on the ice in Beijing include Hilary Knight ’12, Brianna Decker ’10, and Sarah Nurse ’18. Is it any wonder the Wisconsin women’s hockey team has won the NCAA national championship six times since 2006? Badgers will also play key parts off the ice. Sis Paulsen ’04, a member of the first women’s hockey team at the UW and the current equipment manager, will be the equipment manager for Team USA in women’s hockey. Her longtime friend and fellow Eau Claire native Nate LaPoint, the equipment manager for the Badger men’s hockey team, will join Paulsen in Beijing as equipment manager for the U.S. men’s team. Keep tabs on the official schedule so you don’t miss out cheering for our Badgers on an international stage.

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