About Us

Mission Statement

The Motor City Badgers, located in Southeastern Michigan, is a local extension of the Wisconsin Alumni Association. Our mission is to connect Wisconsin graduates, raise funds from a variety of local events, and then offer scholarships to deserving high school seniors to reduce their out-of-state costs while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We celebrate their accomplishments while they are studying at UW- Madison, and attempt to hire them back through local employers when they are done with their education.


  • Embrace your role as the face of UW-Madison and WAA
  • Be accessible
  • Be responsive
  • Be hospitable


  • Be a conduit for volunteering on behalf of UW-Madison
  • Be a social and professional hub


  • Encourage alumni to support the UW with their time, talent and treasure
  • Spread the message of the UW to everyone in the community
  • Participate in the UW Foundation’s annual campaign
  • Capture and translate the alumni voice back to the UW and WAA