Brown County Scholarships – $373,000 Awarded Since 1980!

Scholarships are at the heart of the WAA: Brown County Chapter’s mission. But we can’t do it without your help. All proceeds go to deserving Brown County students attending UW-Madison. Help us send some of the area’s best and brightest to UW-Madison!

For more information on the club’s scholarship program, contact Scholarship Chair Cort Condon at

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Attention High School Seniors: To apply for our chapter scholarship, please apply through the WiSH portal as part of your application to the University.

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Ashwaubenon High School: Shaun Barry, Bailey Conradt, Alexander Stanko

Bay Port High School: Cora Klemme, Isaac Krause, Sam Melchior

De Pere High School: Grace Matzke

Denmark High School: Kendall VandenLangenberg

Preble High School: Max Bobholz, Matthew Carwardine, Casey Roeser

Southwest High School: Abigail Martinson

West De Pere High School: Aaron Skubal, Zachary Wenger

Wrightstown High School: Brooke Alexander, Josh Verhagen

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Ashwaubenon High School: David Clark, Conner Simon

Bay Port High School: Madison Romenesko

De Pere High School: Elena Groves, Emma Kratz

Denmark High School: Alyson Rish

Green Bay East High School: Matthew Waskosky

Green Bay West High School: Gabrielle Cantrall

Preble High School: Anthony Stoa, Wesley Fermanich

Pulaski High School: Logan George

Southwest High School: Adam Meyer

West De Pere High School: Rachel McMorrow, Leo Skarlupka

Wrightstown High School: Amy Van De Hey

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Ashwaubenon High School: Megan Fischer

Bay Port High School: Andrew Slick, Alexander Stoeberl, Abigail Streu

De Pere High School: Emily Bildings, Mackenzie Hemauer

Green Bay West High School: Nikita Konkel

Preble High School: Jennifer Englebert, Autumn Rockhill

Pulaski High School: Bennett Karcz, Timothy Prestby

West De Pere High School: Abigail Draves, Nicholas Thyssen

Wrightstown High School: Kelsey Kleiber, Lindsay Lemke


2015 Scholarship Recipients

Ashwaubenon High School: Miranda M. Dreckschmidt

Bay Port High School: Jennifer C. Holloway, Viktor V. Mudry, Mitchell L. Ross

Denmark High School: Aaron J. Mleziva, Rachel L. Sipple

De Pere High School: Jack A. Hermsen, Joelle L. Stewart

Green Bay Southwest High School: Emily R. Haines

Preble High School: Alysia L. Vang

Pulaski High School: Mara E. Danner, Alexis W. Payette

West De Pere High School: Rachel A. Acevedo, Michael A. McMorrow

Wrightstown High School: Marisa K. Klister

2014 Scholarship Recipients

Ashwaubenon High School: Mark A. Bollom, Nicole J. Servais

Bay Port High School: Erin M. Bretzman, Bethany R. Koerner

De Pere High School: David J. Geissler

Green Bay East High School: Panouly Moua, Alexandra B. Spicer

Green Bay Southwest High School: Savannah A. Kuehn, Alex J. Meyer

Green Bay West High School: Nicholas P. Gretzon

Preble High School: Samuel A. Bobholz

Pulaski High School: Amanda J. Laird

West De Pere High School: Aaron D. Rottier

Wrightstown High School: Daniel T. VandeWalle