Open Board Positions

Interested in getting involved with the Bay Area Badgers Chapter Board?  

Why get involved, you ask? Besides strengthening your connection to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and elevating Badger Pride in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, you will:

  • Network with fellow UW Alumni
  • Build marketable skills and résumé 
  • Raise money for scholarships
  • Plan and attend events throughout the Bay Area
  • Make friends and have fun!

Featured Open Board Positions

For more information and to apply for these positions, please contact us at

Awards & Recognition Chair: This position is responsible for overseeing the awards the chapter gives out each year. He or she should have an understanding of the guidelines for award recognition, and work with the WAA to recognize and thank chapter volunteers. Also, this position will work with WAA for nominations of local alumni for national awards (DAA, FUF, Badger of the Year, etc.) as necessary, recommend engagement opportunities of award recipients afterwards, and assist the chapter to maintain their Bascom Status.

Fundraising Chair: This position will help brainstorm and drive plans to help the chapter raise funds for the chapter and the scholarship fund. This person will work closely with the VP of Programming and Events to find opportunities for fundraising at social events and the WAA for donor data and donor relations. He or she is also responsible for helping to create a unique fundraising event to thank donors, engage them with scholarship recipients, and also develop/maintain a list of event hosts or sponsors among VIP alumni in the area.

Programming & Events Chair: This position assists the chapter by overseeing the events the chapter hosts.  He or she should work towards identifying events that meet university and chapter priorities.  The person should work towards maintaining an annual calendar of events to increase participation and satisfaction of alumni, while listening to event feedback and updating strategies or events as necessary. This position will also be responsible to oversee event content and programming.

Athletics Chair: This position is responsible for planning and executing game day watches, sharks game and other activities related to Badger Athletics.  He or she is responsible for ensuring that all venues and event locations are functional and can accommodate the chapter, and that the chapter complies with WAA and university policies. This person is responsible for organizing any athletic social events, chapter sports teams, or participating in other local athletic events that are identified as a good fit for the local chapter.

Events Crew: This opportunity is perfect for BAB members who are interested in learning more about Board opportunities or who aren’t quite available to serve in board positions but are interested in providing great ideas and assisting with event execution, logistics, registration, set up and tear down.