Bridging the Bay – Notable Badger – Roya Bahrami

Roya Bahrami BA’08, JD’12

UW Majors: Legal Studies, Law

Age: 32 | San Francisco

Law Clerk, U.S Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Q&A with Roya Bahrami    

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

For advice, I would say it’s more of a quote but “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

What are you reading now?

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

What occupies your free time?

Cooking, eating out, traveling, and planning future travels! As a newer San Francisco resident, I recently became a member of 18 Reasons, a community cooking school that not only provides excellent cooking classes, but provides free cooking and nutrition courses to low-income communities. I’ve taken a french cooking class and a knife skills class, and will be taking a Spanish pintxos class next month.

What was your first job?

Working at Culver’s! Brings back memories of frozen custard, butterburgers and cheese curds!.

Tell me something about your last job, other than money, that would have inspired you to keep working there.

If the leaders showed that they valued their employees more.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

I am a dual citizen of Iran and the United States, but I’ve only visited Iran twice.

When have you been most satisfied in your life?

I was most satisfied when I earned my law school diploma.

Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider the most significant in your career.

For accomplishment, I’m more of a worker bee but I would say the opportunities I’ve had to mentor students and young attorneys have been the most rewarding.

What type of leader inspires you?

A leader that offers encouragement, pushes me to be my best and acknowledges my efforts.

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