Our 2015 Badger of the Year: Mariah Terhaar ’09


At the Founder’s Day event this past May, the Bay Area Badgers recognized one special member for their dedication to the organization and the community. Every year Wisconsin Alumni Association chapters throughout the US, have the ability to recognize one of its outstanding members with the “Badger of the Year Award”. This year the recognition went to Mariah Terhaar, the outgoing Bay Area Badger’s President. She has done a phenomenal job during her time on the board, especially these past two years serving as President. She has left a lasting impact on the group and has strengthened the organization in both membership and outreach. Below is the excerpt submitted to the WAA, recognizing our award recipient:

As president of the Bay Area Badgers for the past two years, Mariah’s enthusiasm and dedication has contributed to many achievements and growth within the organization. She has been instrumental in bringing in new members and reaching out to UW students interested in moving out to the Bay Area. Mariah currently resides in the Bay Area, and is working as an assistant on the Communications and Policy team at Facebook. Prior to this endeavor, she served as a AmeriCorps VISTA Leader in Fairbanks, Alaska helping fulfill their mission of combating poverty in interior Alaska. Although she is stepping down as President, her schedule will remain full as she prepares for her upcoming wedding!

Congratulations to Mariah, and thanks for all that you do!