• 20191207 B1G Championship 34-21


    It was the best of times… for the first half. We went into the lockerroom ahead by 14 points and looked unbeatable. It was not to be in the second half. RIRA was filled with Badgers as well as those who became badgers for the night and they were disappointed. Thanks to all of you […]

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  • 20191130 vs Minnesota 38-17


    On a beautiful warm fall day here in the ATL we all gathererd for what could have been our last game of the season. Oh! The Joy. It was not to be. The Badgers handed the Gophers a snowy, sleety, setback on their way to the top 10 ranking. Thanks to all the raffle participants. […]

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  • 20191123 vs Purdue 45-24


    It was a great day to be indoors watching the Badgers. RAIN everywhere until game time. Jonathan Taylor ran for another record and Bucky had to do more push ups than one mascot can manage. Thanks to everyone who participated in the raffle.  

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  • 20191116 vs Nebraska 37-21


    What a great fall Saturday in the ATL. It was the kind of day you wanted to stay out in the color. A little Cardinal and White was in order and a wonderful performance by #23 brought the win. Thanks to all who came and played out raffle.  

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  • 20191109 vs Iowa: 24-22


    What a beautiful day in ATL to enjoy a game party. We had no reservations about Iowa being a difficult opponent and they proved it. The Badgers stood their ground in a 2 point attempt by Iowa and came away with the win. Thanks to everyone who play our scholarship raffle —  you are amazing. […]

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  • 20191019 vs Illinois 23-24


    Oh, it was not to be today. The team showed flashes of brilliance, but then fell flat on their defensive faces at key moments. The vaunted Badgers just did not have the focus to stop the Illini when it was needed. Thanks to all who came and played the raffle. Our scholarship fund is fatter […]

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  • 20191012 vs Michigan State 38-0


    A great Saturday afternoon Homecoming party amid Pride Weekend at RIRA, and we had much in which to be proud. The boys stuffed MS in style and while Taylor did not get his ususal 100+ rushiing yards, the defense was magnificent. Thanks to all of you who made our scholarship raffle a success. Lets get […]

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  • 20191005 vs Kent State 48-0


    What if they held a football viewing party at RIRA and no one showed up!! That almost happened. Twelve hearty Badgers braved the 82 degree fall weather to tip a few to another Taylor run fest.  

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  • 20190928 vs Northwestern 24-15


    Beware the Purple Haze is a season’s aphorism. You cannot help but be wary of the Wildcats. They have ruined many a season. NOT this time!! While we made mistakes a plenty, we survived and prevailed. Thanks to those who participated in our scholarship raffle. It was an ugly win, but we will take it. […]

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  • 20190921 vs Michigan 35-14


    WOW! A smashing defeat of Michigan. The game seemed to be over at half time with a score of 28-0. We had a great turn out of fans of the Badgers, as well as other schools, who knew where the real party was taking place. It was also the 10th Anniversary of RIRA. Our gratitude […]

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  • 20190907 vs Central MI 61-0


    The joy of watching Taylor running wild through the defense was enough for this Saturday. Laid back and relishing the lack of any contest was a great way to cool off on a hot afternoon. Thanks to all of you who joined the raffle. More than $100 raised for the scholarship fund.  

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  • 20190830 vs Florida Bulls 49-0


    The first game of the year in Tampa was delayed nearly an hour due to a thunderstorm, not a hurricane. A great turn out on a Labor Day Weekend for what was anticipated to be an easy victory. In turned into a route. Thanks to all who joined our raffle for scholarship funding. It will […]

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  • 20190408 Founder’s Day


    Alumni gathered at 5Church for a celebration of all things Badger. We celebrated with drinks and heavy hors d’oeuvres and enjoyed a little challenge in a group quiz on the history of the University. President Mary Buck received a call from Bucky Badger and relayed the contents of the call to the group. JP Campion […]

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  • Badgers Basketball vs Oregon, 3-22-2019


    High hopes for a first round victory were shared by the pollsters and the bracketeers. A perfect spring day also seemed to forecast a great viewing party at RIRA, but it was not to be. After a tie at 25 at the end of the first half, the boys lost the touch and Oregon never […]

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  • 20181227 vs Miami 35-3 Pinstripe Bowl


    The final Varsity of the season. A much better way to end the 2018 season than the last regular season game. We had a wonderful time with new alumni and family mixing with the regular cete of Badgers who conspire to create a little WI in ATL. Our thanks to all who helped make our […]

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  • 20181124 vs Minnesota 15-37


    The traditional Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend game was sparsely attended at RIRA. We all fit in one group photo and there was no cause for celebration. What started the season with hopes of the National Championship game ended with a whimper on Senior Day. Truly a sad commentary. It was not an appropriate send off for […]

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  • 20181117 Purdue 47-44


    A beautiful fall afternoon game that Alums arrived for lazily thinking that Purdue could be easily pushed over; not so. The game was a nail biter right down to the moment that the Badgers held Purdue to a field goal in the third OT. Then the final touchdown!!! An afternoon nail biter that went our […]

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  • 20181110 Penn St. 10-20


    Such great anticipation to the start of season, ranked 4th in the nation. What did they see in us? OH, the agony of defeat, and with it, the likelihood of a bowl bid for a cold climate. We had a great time at the watch, however. Look at the fun and joy on our faces. […]

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  • 20181103 vs Rutgers 31-17


    A noon start, small crowd, and an expected win. We had enough for a raffle and we thank everyone who bought a ticket.  

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  • 20181027 Northwestern 17-31


    We were blinded by the purple haze that envelopes the team every few years when they travel to Northwestern. The 13 of who made the trek to RIRA sat dismayed and drowned our sorrows.  

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  • 20181020 Illinois 49-20 Homecoming — at Rí Rá Atlanta.


    An early to start for a game important to Homecoming celebrants. It was a wild game of interceptions, fumbles, long runs from scrimmage and Badger TD passes. A freak snowstorm blurred the screen in the early second quarter, but the snow was gone by halftime. Thanks to all who played out scholarship raffle and made […]

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  • 20181006 vs Nebraska 41-24


    Big thanks to everyone who joined us at a crowded RIRA for the game. Those pesky Corn huskers kept spoiling the party by scoring. It was a great time with many new faces joining us for the romp.

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  • 20180922 vs. Iowa 28-17


    WOW, Badgers score twice in the last minute to take a seeming victory away from Iowa in a thrillingly hard fought game. Given the late start of the game, you had to be a hardcore Badger fan to enjoy this late win at RIRA. Thanks to all who participated in our scholarship raffle.

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  • 20161210 BB vs Marquette 93-84 Toys for Tots


    Every year the alumni from Marquette and Wisconsin get together for the game and bring Toys for Tots. We gathered this year at RIRA and had a good turnout for the kids. The score was only indicative of the second half surge by Wisconsin. It was a tight well played game until then. Thanks to […]

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  • 20180908 New Mexico 45-14


    A sunny Saturday in ATL brought out the best of the Badger Alumni. New and regulars at RIRA had a great time raising money for our scholarship fund, enjoyed great food and drink and generally praised an expected victory. The boys even let the Lobos score twice to make their visit worth the effort.

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  • 20180831 Western Kentucky 34-3


    What a great kick off to the season.

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  • 2018 Annual Welcome to Atlanta


    The Board and fellow Badgers welcomed alumni to Atlanta at our favorite viewing party headquarters, Ri Ra Irish Pub.

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  • 2018 Student Send Off


    Members of the board and alumni gathered at Bill Donovan’s home for the annual send off of new Badgers headed to Madison. On Wisconsin to you all!!  

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  • 20171230 Orange Bowl Miami 34-24


    A great evening at RIRA watching the Badgers best Miami. A great way to end the football season on a high note, 13 -1 record, blemished only by our nemesis Ohio State. Thanks to all who participated in the scholarship raffle tonight and all season long. $300+ for the fund. Our thanks to Guinness Brewing […]

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  • 20171209 Toys For Tots vs Marquette BB 63-82


    In the wake of an unusually early snow storm that brought 4 or more inches of snow to the area, a small gathering of alumni and friends gathered to share with the children of Atlanta. The game was never a contest and those who came to RIRA had a great time sharing stories of home. […]

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  • 20171202 B1G Conference Football Championship Ohio State 21-27


    The Badgers were tough and tenacious but were short of talent at a few positions to take the game into the win column. Welcome to all the Alumni who came to their first viewing party and deep thanks to those who spent more than $1000 on raffle tickets to help our scholarship fund. High expectations […]

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  • Wisconsin Alumni Big Ten Championship Game Party


      DEC 2 Saturday at 7 PM – 11:30 PM At RIRA Atlanta 1080 Peachtree St. NE St. 1 Atlanta, GA 30309 Corner of 12th and Crescent St. Hosted by University of Wisconsin Alumni Club of Atlanta Scholarship Raffle will be held at half time. Special items sponsored by Guinness. Bring your larger bills to purchase […]

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  • 20171125 Minnesota 31-0


    WOW!! What a party. We could focus on the food and drink without apprehension as the game wore on. Bucky’s boys took it to the Gophers in a big way even permitting subs to take over half way through the 4th quarter. It will not be so next week. The B1G championship game will begin […]

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  • 20171118 Michigan 24-10


    OH!! What a satisfying victory. We approached RIRA with some apprehension knowing that Michigan was capable of an upset and had bedeviled the Badgers in the past, dashing hopes of glory too many times. We discovered we have a great defense and a solid offense capable of greatness. Thanks to all who made the raffle […]

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  • 20171111 Iowa 38-14


    Iowa was just off a huge victory against Ohio State the previous week. It was Veterans’ Day and we were confident but apprehensive. The team was at home and we were comforted by the weather; WI Cold, even cool in ATL. We are 10 and 0 for the first time ever??? We are now Western […]

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  • 20171104 Indiana 45-17


    A hearty band of regulars showed up at RIRA to cheer on the undefeated Badgers. We are not getting any respect from the ranking committee because we do not have a ‘strong’ schedule. So we now have won 10 games in a row and will have to face ‘strong’ competition from Iowa next week. Everyone […]

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  • 20171028 Illinois 24-10


    Noon is a hard time to get into the spooky mood, but we tried this morning. Bones and spider web helped a little, but Guinness was the motivating force. The game was a slog in the rain and cold and the score reflected the suppressed offense, although the lone Illini touchdown came in the waning […]

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  • 20171021 Maryland 38-13


    Another breakfast game. Few, three to be exact, showed up for the kickoff at RIRA. Gradually, more of us gathered and filled the seats emptied by the soccer fans watching the overnights. It was an equally slow game offering delightful plays and racking up a powerful reason to be considered for the final four.

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  • 20171014 Purdue 17-9


    A beautiful day in Atlanta for a viewing party watched the boys struggle with a tenacious Purdue defense that at first let us score at will, then shut the door. The Badgers own defense stifled Purdue right back, until the offense came to life with a few minutes left in the 4th to run out […]

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  • 20170930 Northwestern 31-24


    In an early game that brought out the hardliners who just cannot miss a game if they are in town, Bucky’s Boys fumbled out of the gate as they tried to establish a running game. The always dangerous Wildcats continued to threaten even into the fourth quarter before the defense finally put an end to […]

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  • 20170901 Utah State 59-10


    The boys came out and forgot why they were on the field until there were a few minutes left in the second quarter. They they scored a TD, intercepted a pass, kicked a field goal to tie the score at 10, and after the half time, went on to a 59-10 win. We had the […]

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  • 20170909 Florida Atlantic 31-14


    In a well attended noon start, RIRA was hopping. Our boys came out and scored quickly. The outcome was never in doubt.  

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  • 2017 Welcome ATL


    Board members welcome new Badgers to Atlanta and reveal the secrets of their new Sett. Admission to the Clan has only one requirement and we shared it eagerly. For the unfamiliar, here is an explanation. (A collective name suggested for a group of WI badgers is a cete, but badger colonies, ATL, are more often […]

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  • 2017 Student Send Off


    August 5, 2017 The chapter gathered at Past President Bill Donovan’s house. As you can see from the pictures, a much larger contingent is leaving the ATL for Madison than in previous years. We wish them well and encourage them to create wonderful memories for the future in the classroom as well as out.

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  • Founders’ Day 2017


    A great speaker highlighted an evening of renewing and remembering our time in Madison. We also celebrated the accomplishments of the alumni in Atlanta.  

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  • Sweet 16!!


    Join us for the excitement of Wisconsin vs Florida at our NCAA Tournament viewing party, Friday, March 24, 9:59 PM at RIRA 1080 Peachtree St NE #1, Atlanta, GA 30309.

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  • 20170102 Cotton Bowl 24-16


    The whole affair seemed anti-climactic after the wonderful season the boys had and the B1G Conference Championship loss. However, the faithful who were in town for the holiday came out to RIRA to cheer on the favorites. The atmosphere was subdued but the outstanding plays by the Badgers brought out the cheering and even a […]

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  • 20161203 B1G Conference Championship Penn State 31-38


    Another record crowd came to RIRA to share the challenge of a Championship with hopes that it would lead to a place in the NCAA finals bracket. Alas, it was not to be. Even though high spirits were lubricated with spirits and that ol’ WI standby, beer, all the enthusiasm in the room could not […]

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  • 20161126 Minnesota 31-17


    Bucky’s Got Your AXE!! The boys waited until the 4th quarter to begin playing like the team we know and love. 24 unanswered points delighted the alums at RIRA. On to Indianapolis next Saturday for Penn State. Game time is 8PM at RIRA. Thanks to all who helped us raise nearly $200  

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  • 20161119 vs. Purdue 49-20


    My thanks to Bill Donovan for these wonderful pictures of the action at RIRA. As promised Huey, Dewey, and Louie worked long and hard to determine the winner. By a 2-1 vote, they chose Bob and Blake as the winning photo. I think it had something to do with the halo over Bob’s head, which […]

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  • 20161105 vs Northwestern 21-7


    Did we spend all our energy on last week’s game. There were board members, former board members and the hardy alumni you would find at the Brat Haus or Mickey’s on a Saturday morning before an 11:00 start. Visitors to the bar included two educators from Milwaukee and a family with a little cheerleader ready […]

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  • 20161029 vs Nebraska 23-17 OT


    It was a perfect storm. Badger football, Packer fans from all over the nation in Atlanta for the Sunday Falcons game, and Halloween party weekend. Who could ask for more? Oh, wait, a Badger victory would be perfect a RIRA!!!! And it happened!!! In overtime!!! You just had to be there, I’m sorry folks. All […]

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  • 20161022 vs Iowa 17-9


    Noon is just to early for alumni to make it to the bar for a game. Only the hardcore, brave, and few showed up for the Hawkeye Lunch and Bloody Marys. But we had a great time with a frustrating offense. Our defense was outstanding and we had a youthful cheerleader arrive a little late, […]

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  • Viewing Parties


    The club is taking a small step; adding a viewing party location for the balance of this season. It is hoped that it will attract alumni and Wisconsinites who may enjoy watching the game together but cannot get to RIRA in Mid-Town.  Judy Sauer, an alumna, is hosting the parties at TJ’s, a sports bar […]

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  • 20161015 Ohio State 23-30


    High Expectation was the spirit of the day and our team met them through three quarters. We have a defense that can play with the best, but an offense that was just inconsistent enought to create opportunities for the Buckeyes to wear us down. We came back in glorious fashion only to come up short […]

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  • 20161001 vs Michigan 7-14


    We have a defense!! Again it held the line and bruised the Wolverines time and again to give the Offense time to score. A very hard fought game that lifted our spirits and then dashed them with just minutes left. Thanks to all of you who turned out for a great afternoon of fun and […]

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  • 20160924 vs Michigan State 30-6


    The Defense is Back!! Joined by a great balanced offense to throttle the Trojans on their field. What a wonderful party. Thanks to those of you who so generously donated to the scholarship fund, $500.00 today. Some of the Class of 2011 traveled from Chicago to ATL to watch the game with us and party on!! […]

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  • 20160917 vs Georgia State 23-17


    Oh, Bucky! What were you thinking making a game out of a contest with a 35 point underdog? The few, the brave and the dedicated gathered at RIRA instead of Music Midtown to enjoy score after score. Instead, you had us scratching our heads as you forgot why they created the end zone. You are […]

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  • 20160903 vs LSU at Lambeau


    WE have a DEFENSE!!!! A 16-14 triumph to kick SEC a$$ and get the season off to a roaring start. A wonderful time was enjoyed by all. Our thanks to our host, RIRA, who donated so generously to our raffle scholarship fund raising. Our thanks to those who purchased $20-100 worth of tickets. Let’s take […]

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  • New Freshmen Send Off Party


    The Atlanta Alumni gathered at Past President Bill Bil Donovan‘s home to send off the newest Georgia Freshmen to Madison. Our very best wishes to Jack, Chris, Kelly, and Donald. Go Badgers.

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  • Founders’ Day Celebration 20160525


    Thanks to David Canon for a great presentation and Q & A on the current presidential election. Congratulations to Past President Bill Donovan on his Lifetime Achievement Award and to Matt Sitkowski on his Badger of the Year 2016 award.    

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  • 20160325 Badgers vs Notre Dame Sweet 16.


    After two improbable comebacks for wins, Atlanta Alumni gathered at RIRA for the Sweet 16 first round games and lustily cheered, prayed, hoped, pled, and eventually groaned and sat silently as the last two minutes determined that we could not pull off another miracle 3-point shot to seal the win. We were numbed by another […]

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  • 20151212 Marquette Toys For Tots BB Game


    It is our joint annual Toys for Tots game and it turned into an exciting finish with a Golden Eagles win. Thanks to everyone who joined us today in Sandy Springs for the game and your generous donations of Toys for the Marines to distribute.    

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  • 20151128 Minnesota 31-21


    Fall was in the air here in Atlanta as the Badgers last regular season game was celebrated at RiRa. An anticlimatic 31-21 score was celebrated with great prizes and good spirits all around. On to the bowl of the season in December!!  

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  • 20151121 Northwestern 7-13


    Oh, the agony of defeat. A great defense and an offense that at times looked exciting and then dumfounding. Punt return for TD called back, what appeared to be scores nullified. We laughed and jumped for joy only to be left in the depths of dispair the next minute. Thanks to all who came and […]

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  • 20151107 Maryland 31-24


    This was a tough game. Maryland was huge and stymied our running game, passed well against our defense, and in the first half we needed a kick runback for a TD to spark the offense into the on position. We tried to give the win back to Maryland very late in the fourth quarter, but […]

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  • 20151031 Rutgers Halloween


    A rainy afternoon in Madison and a cloudy day in Atlanta did not stop the boys from a great 48-10 victory. It is sure to spark a spooky night on the town as Halloween parties spirit spirit the night.  

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  • Illinois 24-13


    On a fair and warm Saturday afternoon we gathered at RiRa for a great viewing party and watched the resourceful team grind out a 24-13 win against the Illini. So many new faces among the regulars and even one Michigan State fan joined Bucky for the fun and raffle. Thanks to those of you who […]

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  • Purdue Homecoming


    24-7 was a delightful outcome for a beautiful Homecoming party. Great weather, good friends, new participants at RiRa. It was an awkward but convincing win, despite another missed field goal attempt. With a little over 5 minutes left in the game, the power went out and we carried on following the game on cell phones […]

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  • Nebraska


    Can it be true? 23-21 Bucky Wins?! What a 4th quarter. We rode the up and down of a Brazilian foot and he came through after someone moved the right upright in front of the attempt with a little more than a minute left. You never know what you will get when we attempt a […]

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  • Iowa


    Oh, the lost opportunities, dropped passes, fumbles and turn overs for points. That was just the performance of our offense, which was offensive. Boys, boys, boys, you thought that eating that Hawaiian pineapple was preparation for the Hawkeyes. No, no, no, not to be today. We took away a 10-6 defeat that could have been […]

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  • Hawaii


    A hearty, dedicated bunch turned out at RiRa for Luau; dampening the Rainbow Warriors under the lights 28-0. Hawaii put on a good pregame demonstration of their prowess, but left the offense in the locker room. We put an Irish touch on the evening and passed out red and white carnation leis… ugh, Irish touch, […]

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  • Troy University


    OK, so who knew who Troy was before today. Own up to it. Yet those boys from Alabama gave us all we could handle until the second quarter. 28-3 is all we could muster is a ragged game. A W is a W. It was a small crowd, but we are dedicated to Bucky and […]

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  • Welcome New Alumni To Atlanta


            Board members welcome new alumni to Atlanta at RiRa, Thursday, September 10, 2001. Welcome to each of you and we hope you join us for viewing parties as well as draw on us for help if needed.

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  • Alabama


    Bama is rated 3 for a reason. They beat us 35 to 17, but the party raged on at RiRa. Our thanks to all who came to the party and donated to our scholarship fund so generously. We raised $300 to get the fund raising seasons off to a great start.  

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  • 2015 Student Send-Off


    Bill Donovan opened his home to welcome alumni as well as students leaving for Madison this August. Board members past and present gathered to provide food, beverage, entertainment and encouragement to a future mechanical engineer and an actuary.

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  • New Scholarship Application Due Date


    We have moved the deadline for submitting your application for a scholarship from the Chapter to June 14, 2015. Submit your application today >

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  • Atlanta Scholarship Application


    Students from the greater Atlanta area can apply for the Chapter scholarship at the following location: Follow the directions at that site.

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  • Outback Bowl vs Auburn Viewing Party


    What a great start to the New Year!!! An exciting game that goes into overtime, not so good, and ends with a victory. Yes, we trust in Barry. We also provided some answers for the SEC and those who have disparaged the B1G. Great friends, new faces, and the warmth of the shared experience both […]

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  • 20161206 B1G Championship 0-59


    The score says it all and, yet, it does not. We gathered from far and wide across Atlanta and Georgia with guests coming from Fort Benning, GA. We were favored by a small amount. Sadly, it was covered. While the game was not the event we hoped for, we are deeply appreciative of all who […]

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  • Annual Wiscondin @ Marquette BB Toys for Tots


    Our annual Toys for Tots basketball game with Marquette Alumni was held at RiRa on 12th and Peachtree St.  The game started at 12:30 but do to the Christmas parade on Peachtree St. the heavy traffic delayed some arrivals. While the game never appeared in doubt, Marquette did pull to within 4 points with 3 […]

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  • Badgers Ax Gophers


    RiRa was the site for the Western B1G title game viewing party. The Badgers were three scores behind before we even finished our first drink!! What happened. Then in the Second half the team clawed its way back into the game and took the lead, AXING the Gophers 34-24. Badgers move on to the B1G […]

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  • Atlanta Chapter Achieves Bascom Status


    The club received it official recognition of Bascom Status this week. The WAA sent us a certificate of acknowledgement. Past President, Bill Donovan, and current President, his daughter Kelly Donovan display the certificate for the members gathered for the Minnesota game.  Congratulations to everyone who helped us receive this recognition.

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  • Wisconsin vs. Iowa


    Whew!! It was a slug fest that was going our way until the second half when Iowa found a quarterback that could throw and run. We sat through a nail biter wringing our hands and holding our breath. Melvin Gordon III performed skillfully despite numerous short yardage runs. He had 264 total yards and the […]

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  • Makin’ Bacon vs. Iowa


    Join us at RiRa on Saturday at 3:30 for the game vs. Iowa. We are looking forward trepidatiously to another great running game. However, we do not want to jinx the outcome by holding expectations for another 50 point effort. The Badgers now lead the Big Ten West by a game over Iowa, Nebraska and […]

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  • Badgers vs. Nebraska


    Badger Alumni gathered at RiRa for an afternoon of socializing and football expecting a tough fought game against 16 ranked Nebraska. Instead, what they witnessed was the most memorable victory in several years, 59-24. Melvin Gordon III sent chills down our spines and left many giddy with laughter as he ran roughshod over the Cornhuskers […]

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  • New Badger Hang out Location


    We are very excited to announce that we have a new Badger Bar … RiRa’s Irish Pub in Midtown! RiRa has great food, drink deals, a seat for everyone and is offering 20% for all Wisconsin fans on gamedays! Location: 1080 Peachtree St NE #1 Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 477 – 1700 Parking: *Rira’s parking […]

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  • Scholarship Fund Update


    Due to your generosity, we raised close to $1,000 for our scholarship fund this past season during our famous football halftime raffles.

    Thanks to all of you for supporting our chapter’s efforts to provide financial help to deserving, Atlanta-area students who are attending the UW.

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