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  • Homecoming – Part 2


    I just got this nice note from Mike Vogel at Dooley’s: David – I would love to host some Alumni for the game. We can put you up front for the game so you can have audio if you would like. I would do main room but the Gophers play at the same time. Let […]

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  • Homecoming!


    Badgers from the area are invited to hang out for the game at Dooley’s Pub in downtown Rochester. This is an informal gathering so search out your fellow Badgers by the telltale color of their togs. The¬†lucky ones will be at Camp Randall, but those of us stuck here can make ourselves¬†comfortable at Dooley’s! Enjoy!

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  • Help Us Share Some Badger Love!


    Our chapter is funded entirely by donations from local alumni. We do not charge any form of dues. Donations to our operating fund stay with the chapter. We use these funds for postage, reservation fees, and event supplies.

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